By picking strawberry and cucumber fruits on a farm in Canada, a Filipino worker there earns the equivalent of P25,000 per week or P100,000 per month.

In the program “Unang Hirit,” OFW Albert Frederich Logo shared his life and work as a fruit picker in Canada.

In the video of his “mini tour,” Logo showed their accommodation at work or bunkhouse, which has two rooms for six people each.

According to him, he has been an OFW for five years and started working in Taiwan.

But she moved to Canada because of a friend who told her that life was better there.

“And you know, it looks like I didn’t make a mistake,” said Lago who has now been working in Canada for more than a year.

In the video, Lago showed the work he was doing he said to live for him and his family.

How to properly pick strawberries and cucumbers on the farm? Watch the video.

Via: GMAnews