At age 16, a Grade 10 student is certified millionaire because of her online selling business.

In “Unang Hirit,” it is said that Irish Oloris balances her time with school works and selling beauty products on the internet.

As a result, she has saved P1 million, and bought her own property in Zambales.

However, Irish is still struggling to save for her college.

According to Irish One of her quotes is ‘Dream at a very young age’ because there is no limit to that at all, and It’s better to start small and dream big, so that there will be (preparation) for the future.

Aside from earning a living, Irish said she started her business to help increase the confidence of people in despair in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She drew inspiration from her mother Irene, who showed her entrepreneurship at an early age.

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They need to have a proper mindset in terms of business, according to her mother Irene.

Of course at her age, that’s the type who gets excited about crushes first, isn’t it? They’re more focused there first. But because of the pandemic, I’ve seen the young people now who are the ones a bit of anxiety, depression, so I changed his focus and introduced him to the business, Irene added.

Irene also taught Irish the importance of hard work, and helping others despite her success.

“(I hope) She doesn’t forget where she started, and will always put God and always helping others first, because money just follows,” said Irish’s mother.

Her mother Irene said, When her goal is to help other people through her business, the money come pouring.

Via GMAnews: UnangHirit.