It’s been customary on Facebook that every life event whether a holiday season or personal occasion has to be celebrated.

And since Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, Facebook gives its users the option to share a video of the year’s highlights thru compiling the pictures and videos of the previous year that gathered the most likes, reactions, comments and shares called #yearinreview2016

The application will show all the pictures and videos you had acquired throughout the year which you can include.

Create Your Own Facebook Year in Review 2016 Video

However this year, Facebook seems to have some issues with Facebook Year in Review. Apparently at the moment, the Facebook Year in Review 2016 application was experiencing some technical difficulty that no one was able to use it.

According to news, the said issue might take two hours or more to have it fixed by Facebook people. So, if you can’t generate your yearly Facebook Year video in Review, you are technically not alone because everyone experiences that.

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Would you wish to continue the online tradition of reminiscing the previous year through Facebook Year in Review?

Try to put in: to check how it looks like, You can also try this link:

In case that you have tried to use it before this article has been posted, possibility is,

***Facebook hasn’t made the Facebook Year in Review available in your country yet. An error message may appear stating that “We aren’t quite ready for you. Come back soon.”

***However, if your family or your friends could do it and you can’t, more likely you haven’t uploaded enough pictures and videos throughout the year that is why Facebook Year in Review could not create a video for you.

Don’t you worry, resolving this glitch is just a piece of cake. Try to Log in to your Facebook profile account and upload at least ten more pictures and/or videos. This will let the software to compile a review for you. Yes, you can still edit it once it has been created.

Why not give it a try if you haven’t done so?