COL Financial is a stock broker in the Philippines, most particularly the best in the Philippines, is offering an online account which lets you open account in the comfort of your own home. Other trading brokers include BPI Trade, and First Metro Sec.

This stockbroker is spreading fast online with 100,000 customers worldwide. There are also 55 billion customer assets since its establishment last 1999. By sharing their knowledge and expertise they were able to grab the hearts of their investors. 
How to Start Investing in COL Financial Account Opening
Now they are offering accessible way to create and monitor their client’s account online. Here’s a way to do so;


· Active Yahoo or Gmail account. (most preferably, Gmail account because its less spammy)

· Tax Identification Number

· Application Forms, download and print it out

· Photocopy of ID

· Billing statements such as water, electricity, credit card and phone bills.

· Funds for your account

· If possible, secure an Anti-virus such as Norton 360. This will make your browsing secure from online hackers.

Types of COL Accounts:

· COL Starter – 5, 000

· COL Plus – 25,000 – above

· COL Premium


1. Fill out the forms correctly. Make sure to fill out the forms using capital letters.

2. COL will contact your through the email address you’ve provided. Be sure to add the correct and active email address so you’ll be prompted when you’re application gets approved.

3. Deliver the accompanying documents to the address to COL using any delivery service such as LBC. The delivery service will indicate to you how long the recipient will receive the package you’ve sent. Once COL receives the documents, they will contact you through email, welcoming you to the COL Financial.

4. After receiving the confirmation, fund your COL account. You can invest P5,000 up to 1 Million, depending on the plan you’ll partake.

5. COL will send you log in details through email which signifies you’re now ready for real trading.

6. Log in to your account and change password so you’ll be the only one to know your account details.

It is always advisable to read and know more about investing before you release any amount. Know first even the basic. You will eventually learn through experience when already started investing.