Business name serves a great deal when it comes to first impressions, impressing your clients and making your business name web-friendly. So picking up the most suitable business name is vital and must be taken into much consideration. 

The name you’ll pick will represent your business for a long period of time. 
How to Register a Business Name, Requirements and Procedures
Here are the requirements and procedures on how to register a business name.


For Single Proprietorship

1. Filipino citizen and must be 18 years old and above.

2. For those Filipinos who have suggestive names of alien nationality, they must present a proof of citizenship namely; PRC ID, Passport, Birth Certificate and Voter’s ID.

3. For applicants who have names which is foreign sounding, they must submit:

  • Naturalization Certificate and an Oath of Allegiance
  • Affidavit of election which is issued by Bureau of Immigration and Deportation
  • IDs released by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines or Professional Regulatory Commission. 

4. The processing fee is P150.00 and Documentary stamp worth P15.00

For Foreign Investor

1. Updated copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (Photocopy).

2. Filled-out DTI form No. 17

3. Written appointment of a Filipino Resident Agent.

4. Clearances from Department of Science and Technology, PNP and other involved agencies.

5. If an alien retailer, secure a permit to retail business as per R.A 1180.

Special Documentary Requirements

  • Certificate of Business Name Registration (copy)
  • Bulk Sales Certificate
  • DTI Accreditation Certificate (for businesses engaging in import, manufacture, sale and servicing)
  • DTI Bonded Warehouse License (for businesses engaging in warehouses) 
  • DTI Issued Certificate of Authority (for businesses engaging in merchandise and ship broker)
  • Consent Agreement
  • Affidavit for compulsory heirs
  • Deed f Sale, Assignment or Transfer
  • Affidavit declaring relationship with deceased registrant (if there’s no compulsory heirs)
  • Affidavit declaring the reason for registration is perpetuation of the memory of the deceased

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1. Pick a Business Permit.

Prior to registering your business name, think of at least three names just in case the first name won’t get through.

2. Search Online

They will provide an search facility in case you haven’t made up your mind regarding your desired business name.

3. Register Your Business Name

Fill out the required form for the registration of your business name.

4. Submit Documents

Submit the required documents above.

5. Pay your bills

Having a business could also help your customers to build up confidence with your business. Registering for a business name is easy as you think it is.