For applicants who wants to acquire their Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN) the online application has been resumed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue last August 10.

According to Deputy Commissioner Lilia C. Guillermo that the technical issues that corresponds the eREG system has now been officially addressed. All district offices will not issue Tax Identification Numbers since it will all be available.

BIR Resumed Online Registration for the Issuance of TIN
eRegistrationSystem offers a variety of services like issuance of TIN, registration payment, and issuance of registration certificates to mainly eliminate the hassle of falling in long lines just to have secure Tax Identification Number.

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By 2016, Kim Henares, BIR Commissioner, plans to convert cardboard made TIN cards to Identification Cards which are printed on smart cards. This will be a great innovation that should be implemented anytime sooner. She added that the digital TIN Cards would contain the biometrics of the applicant and flexibility will also be applied for other purposes.

The eRegistration was disabled since July 3 because of some technical issues which is why, a lot of applicants took the hassle to personally apply for it in local district offices. TIN numbers are important when filing for your taxes. In the BIR form, there’s a blank there that needs to be supplied with your TIN numbers. Also, before employers can file your Income Tax, they will need to acquire you TIN first.

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Everyone who plans to transact in any government offices needs to secure their TIN first before you can even fill up the forms required to accomplish what you need. So, if you are a taxpayer, you should secure your TIN. A taxpayer is entitled for one TIN which has a lifetime validity. 
Anyone who has more than one is criminally liable, which means the person is punishable by law. So before applying for any government services, be sure to secure your TIN first. You can go to and start the registration.