Keanu Reeves, yes, we know him, a man who is known for his good acting in movies like, The Matrix, My Own Private Idaho, Constantine, and the latest blockbuster of 2014; John Wick. We know him acting in action and comedy movies for the past 30 years in his career.

And now what we have got in his career this 2015? Yes, we got a new trailer from his new movie KNOCK KNOCK, starring Lorenza Izzo and Ana De Armas, the 2 psychopaths who will destroys Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves).

Keanu Reeves on Knock Knock Hot Movie Trailer

The happening started when Evan’s wife and kids went out for a weekend vacation. Evan was alone in his house that rainy night then 2 hot girls who were stranded from a rainy and stormy weather and seeks for Evan’s help. Evan gladly let in the girls in his house.

Evan had no idea that these 2 girls were a psychopath and test her loyalty to her family. This two hot girls tried to seduce Evan, he tried to control himself, but he failed to stop the psychopaths plan, and there they go, went to bed and started their thing called lust.

The plot twist started, These 2 furious psychopaths started to ruin Evan’s life and tortured him mentally and physically all day long, torturing him like a helpless poor little child. Evan cannot do anything but endure the death game and everything he feels.

We don’t know what the ending was, but I’m sure! it will be another movie hit in 2015, even Keanu’s character are nit the guy we expect since we all knew he is an action guy in all of his movies.

No further information was released about the screening date for this movie. All we have to do is wait, prepare ourselves for more information!