Innocence drowned in the midst of the high-tech world. The scandal that shocked the country these past few days proves to be the worst nightmare for every parent. It is heartbreaking and horrifying at the same time. But perhaps it is an eye-opener, a slap in our faces of how far we have let the morals in our society go down; an all-time low.

Andrea Brillantes Scandal: Generation's Worst Nightmare for Parents

How old do we allow our children to own their very own smart phones or gadgets? Sometimes, we would even feel bad if they do not have the same gadgets as their peers. We are either blackmailed to buy it for them or compelled to give it to them as a reward. It is seen as a necessity now. But is it really? Didn’t the generation before survived without its existence?

By doing this, we also expose them to the complex world of the Internet. With free Wi-Fi being a trend everywhere, it is very easy for our children to connect to this world without our supervision. Letting them off the World Wide Web is as dangerous as letting them out the streets alone. Google can easily replace a parent to answer their questions, but it isn’t a guarantee that the answers are what we want them to be exposed to.

How old do we allow our children to be on social media sites like Facebook? Teenagers, nowadays, consider a person without a Facebook account as a socially impaired individual. They make friends and enemies online. Unfortunately, it is a zone that misdemeanors like bullying and online shaming go unpunished. With a click of a button, it is easy to make a mistake that children could regret for the rest of their lives. Do we prohibit them for doing so, when some of us are even guilty of making Facebook accounts for our children?

Innocence drowned in the midst of the high-tech world. It is our ultimate responsibility as parents to protect that innocence, to guide them with the right answers and to keep them safe. Because children would be children, they may know more than we thought they do but they are still prone to doing mistakes that could ruin their lives.

About the author: Jam Casadores is a former contributor for Bayanihan News Australia and currently a part-time blogger/writer for different websites. She also teach English to Korean and Chinese students online.