Microsoft made another giant step by dropping its long time internet browser, Internet Explorer brand. Microsoft then confirmed that they are now developing a new browser that will take up a name far from Internet Explorer which is currently under the code of Project Spartan.

Microsoft will Now Stop the Internet Explorer Brand Changing to Project Sparta

According to marketing chief Chris Capossela of Microsoft, they are currently developing a new name and brand of browser that will coincide with Windows 10. Internet Explorer will still exist for some Windows 10 but only for enterprise compatibility , the Project Spartan will soon have its new brand name taking over as the new primary browser as Windows 10 makes its way to the Microsoft users.

In the recent years, Microsoft tried to break away from the negative image attached with the Internet Explorer but to no avail. Market shares had steadily went down and Project Spartan is expected to bring more profit.

In the recent researches, Microsoft is trying to find out which name for Project Spartan will work the best. They seemed to be getting as far away as possible from the old browser’s shadow and create a new image. By simply putting the name of Microsoft, their studies had shown a lot of positive feedback. The specific date date of unveiling the final name of Project Spartan is yet to be announced.

Aside from having a new browser, Microsoft makes use of the social media platforms and reach more to their users through personalized images.