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2 People Died by Drinking Contaminated Milk Tea in Manila

Are you a milk tea fanatic? Beware of drinking unsanitize beverage. Last Thursday morning, April 9 an incident of food poisoning happened at Ergo Cha in Sampaloc.

2 People Died by Drinking Contaminated Milk Tea

The victims, Arnold Aydalla and Suzanne Dagohoy spent their time talking about their future plans at the store and ordered Hokkaido milk tea. When he pointed out the unpleasant taste of the said drink, his girlfriend continued to sip it and collapsed with her mouth frothing. They were rushed to the hospital, but Dagohoy was already declared dead on arrival.

According to Arnold the taste of the milk tea is unusual so he told the owner about it, meanwhile Suzanne also tasted it and suddenly felt ill.

Aydalla added that he tried to help his girlfriend, but he also could not move as if he was paralyzed.

"Pinilit ko po na maigalaw po talaga ang katawan ko kasi nga po si Suzanne iniisip ko," he said.

Meanwhile, the drinks were prepared by the owner of the shop, William Abrigo. After being told of the drink's taste, he also took a sip. He suffered the same symptoms and also died.

What led the milk tea poisoning? Doctors said that the incident may not be an ordinary case of food poisoning, saying one of the ingredients of the milk tea could have been contaminated with poisonous chemicals. Prolly one of the ingredients was already expired was also raised as a possibility.

"Kaya nga lahat ng mga food items may expiration date 'yan. Kasi, ang food items, they contain chemicals na puwedeng magkaroon ng reaction 'pag masyadong matagal na or puwedeng ma-contaminate," PAO's Forensic Lab director Dr. Erwin Erfe said.