TIN Tax ID Number is so important that according to the law, only one TIN can be given to an individual. It has to be provided when you get a job as everyone with a job is entitled to pay taxes. Getting TIN used to be part of the responsibilities of the first company you are working in, but now many companies require their applicants to already have their TIN. Also you can get one of you are self-employed. There is no need to worry as you can now easily get yours through online BIR eReg.

How to Register and Get Tax Identification Number TIN Online
This is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Aside from getting your TIN, you can also get a certificate of registration and Payment of Registration Fee. 
Four types of individuals can use the eTIN. They are the Self-employed Individuals, Mixed Income Earners, employees and those mandated by Executive No. 98. Only those who hadn’t have a TIN before can get a TIN online as only one Tax ID Number will be given to an individual. It is against the law to have two TIN’s.

If you are self-employed, make sue that you have a valid email add that you can provide. Be sure that you will be able to open your email account as the BIR will send your TIN and confirmation message in your email.

Visit the BIR eReg page and fill in the requested details. Make sure that the details you provide are all consistent with your other legal documents. They must be accurate. Do not forget to tye in the Captcha code as it will prove that you are a real person and not a computer generated spam. Before you click Submit, review the information one last time. After clicking the Submit button, check your email for the confirmation message from BIR containing your TIN. If you can’t find it in your Inbox, try looking in the spam messages.