Having a car for the first time not only symbolizes great milestone but also unlocks experiences for the first time. There will be unexpected events or some expected but will bring you different challenges altogether. Here is a list of things that you can easily prepare aside from money for gas and toll fee.

10 Must Know Things for First Car Owners to Consider

Your pocket won’t be hurt and you will be thankful that you have these in your car saving you from anxiety and gives you maximize driving experience.

1.Cleaning set consisting of a bottle of car shampoo, chamois or microfiber cloth, a pail, a sponge, tire black, and other cleaning materials. While it is convenient to go to a car wash shop, your car is your baby and waching it not only forms a bond with it but also gives you the chance to inspect it.

2. Phone charger and holder to keep your smartphone away from your hands to keep in the steering wheel. It is better to be safe that sorry as they say. Keep your phone in its holder while you are driving if you have to but do not text. Also charging inside your car while in a trip is such a life saver.

3. Prepare driving sunglasses ( you can even have your classic style) to protect your your eyes from glaring lights that might cause you an accident. Use correcting glasses if you need to.

4. Invest on a comfortable and proper driving shoes, and those are the ones which let you drive with smooth footwork. It could be cheap shoes or expensive flipflops as long as it has thin soles and reaches the back of your heels.

5. Have a cross wrench and a car jack so you are prepared for that unexpected flat tire. You will experience it several times and mostly during inconvenient times. Have some practice if you need to so you can save time or even impress your companion.

6. Have a flashlight in your compartment glove. Not just any flashlight but invest in a Maglite as it will help you inspect the dark parts of your car and engine.

7. Trash cans are also handy. It need not be bulky nor big. It will save you from collecting the tissue and candy wrappers stuck on the door and other parts of the car. Also your companions will likely to use it instead of trying to fit in a smallr folded wrapper in the slits of your car seats.

8. Trunk organizers or just simple boxes saves you from a whole lot of mess. It will keep you trunk look tidy.

9. Keep a nice sturdy umbrella in your car. You may be surprised ( or not) on how many times it will unexpectedly rain. It is better to keep yourself away from colds and flu.

10. Keep an air freshener in your car as your car will soon smell like your take out meal or your sweat.