Being an OFW is one of the common goals for those aiming to lift their families towards a better future. It is no secret that the Philippine economy can be greatly affected by the remittances of the OFWs alone and many are still planning to go abroad. It is not an easy feat but it is worth it for those who pushes the boundaries for their family’s future. If you are planning to be an OFW, make sure that you do so in the legal way.

Documents, Requirements and Skills Needed When You Want to Work Overseas and Abroad

Ways to be hired legally.

1. Process your application only through recruitment agencies that are licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). There are two kinds of agencies, Land-based agencies which represents a foreign employer to recruit workers for the land based jobs, and Manning agencies which recruits workers as seafarers to board or man international ships/cargos/vessels.

2. Other from recruitment through an agency, a Filipino can also be recruited through  Government Placement Branch (GPB). With bilateral agreement with another country, the Philippine government can help recruit Filipinos under the supervision of POEA.

3. The third way to be hired legally is through ‘name-hiring’. Name-hiring is being hired by an employer without the process of going through an agency. It may be through the recommendation of a family member or a friend to an employer. What you need to do is to prove to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that the employment is authorized and processed with POEA.

Once You Have an Employer

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Once you find an employer, make sure that you have the necessary documents to process your employment overseas. Make sure that you also have an extra copy, you not just give away your original documents and make sure that all of them are consistent. Your ID’s must be recent.

If you have gone through the agency, prepare your resume, passport, birth certificate that had been authenticated by NSO, authenticated high school and college diploma, NBI clearance, certificate of employment and training, skills or trade test if you have, marriage contract if married and professional license if you have.

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If you are a name-hire applicant you must also prepare your employment contract which is verified by the Embassy of the country you are going to, medical clearance and Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate.

If you are a returning OFW who had a vacation in the Philippines, you must present a return ticket, Overseas Employment Certificate, and you passport with a working visa.

Make sure that all details are consistent such your name, age, address and such. Keep a copy of these documents and deal with authorized personnel only.

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