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Top 5 Sites That Pay a Fortune For Technical Freelancers from Philippines

Having technological skills is a blessing these days. But in the same time, it is also hard finding a well paid job in the field. Fortunately, Internet allows us to look for worldwide opportunities. Further on, there are some professional websites created especially for freelancers who want to connect with clients.

Top 5 Sites That Pay a Fortune For Technical Freelancers from Philippines

Let’s see some places where technical freelancers from Philippines can earn a lot of money with their skills.

1. Peopleperhour

Users have to first create a profile. Those who are looking for a job are named “Sellers”. Tech lovers can find in here a lot of clients who need all sorts of services. They are entitled to 15 applications per month for free.

The website has a page named WorkStream, where users get messages, keep records of job history and manage their on-going jobs. Additionally, freelancers can even release invoices. All in all, it is a very organized site, great for persons with many jobs.

2. Freelancercareers

In here, tech geeks can find many jobs. They can take on as many tasks as they want, as long as they finish in time. The company selects the freelancers depending on their profile and test results. The recruiting process may take even three weeks. But after that, the website promises to deliver a monthly payment between $700 and $800. The total sum depends, of course, on the amount of tasks completed. Also, employees are entitled to ask for bonuses and extras.


This website is good for tech freelancers because it can offer a lot of tasks. If the users are working on a regular basis, they can earn up to $800 per month. However, everyone must submit an application before being accepted on the website. The HR team revises them all in the shortest time possible. In here, hard working freelancers are rewarded with bonus packages.

4. StudioEnvato

This is the perfect place for any person with tech skills. Here, they can apply to jobs including design and graphics, WordPress, logo design, mobile and apps, websites and programming, and so on. The clients have the means of clearly communicating with the employees. Anyway, after a task is delivered, both sides have 7 days to ask for changes or so. After this period, the job timeline is closed and the freelancers receive their money. Also, you should know that the website charges a fee of 30% of the published price of a service.

5. Taskrabbit

This website is meant to find people in your area who will do different jobs for you. Freelancers just have to register as Taskers, choosing the fields they are good at. Tech specialists can post a profile in here and they will be contacted as soon as jobs are available for them. The website takes 20% service fee on every payment and ensures 24/7 customer support and full insurance on every task.

In conclusion, if you have great tech skills, register on these websites and start making money. Use your talent wisely and soon, you will make a living more than decent.