Many know that kidneys are very important for us to survive. While many can identify filtering blood as a function of these bean shaped organs, many of us are oblivious of other more vital functions it has. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood and excrete toxins and waste through the creation of urine without letting too much fluid escape the body.

The Top 10 Habits That Will Surely Damage Your Kidneys

Once you decrease your water intake, your kidney will hold in more water, thus, you urinate less frequent. Your kidneys can also regulate your blood pressure. It releases a angiotensin that constricts your blood vessels.

It can also increase the production of your red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen through out your body. Kidneys also balance the body’s pH.

We can agree that kidney’s are vital for living, however, there are 10 common habits that people usually do that damages the kidneys. Kidneys can function well until only 20% are left of it. Usually, a problem will only be detected when it had already been too much damaged. What seemed to be simple indulgence could cause your dear life.

The Top 10 Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

Not answering to the call of thirst

Many neglect the thirst. Some think it is quite annoying carry a bottle of water anywhere while others are just plain lazy to get up and get a glass of water. The water is needed to dilute your blood and easily filter away toxins easily and faster.

Coffee binge

Too much pressure can damage your kidneys. Caffeine in coffee is a potent substance that can increase your blood pressure. The increased pressure to your kidneys can easily damage the filtering units called nephrons.

Pain killers and other drug abuse

When you examine labels in other medications, you might see that they are not recommended to people with kidney problems because they are nephrotoxics. Too much use of pain killers introduces chemicals that are not kidney friendly.

Insufficient sleep

It is during sleep when the tissues in our organs are being repaired. Sleep deprivation for a long time can also deprive the reconstruction of your damaged kidneys. Your kidneys don’t stop working just like your heart and lungs, the continuous work damages the tissues and during sleep it could be repaired.


Sugar are substance that can make your blood thick if not helped with sufficient water intake. We already know that viscous blood gives a lot of pressure to the kidneys, let alone that they are too bog to be filtered by nephrons. With too much sugar in the system, the kidneys had to let go of it to balance your body. It is not normal to have sugar in the urine.

Salt Salt Salt

One of the functions of the kidney is to control water balance. Salt on the other hand also has a great effect on water. Wherever the high concentration of salt is, the water follows, but the salt don’t easily pass kidney’s filters. With too much salt that stays on the body, the kidneys will have a hard time to make urine and pass out water as the water stays on your tissues and not in the blood streams. This is also why even if you drink a lot of sea water, you will just be more thirsty.

Keeping deaf with the call of nature

It might be annoying to frequently go to the comfort room, especially if you are in the middle of something important or you are picky with public washrooms. Nature calls for a reason, if it is time to go, take head on the first time. Urinary stasis is a common reason for Urinary Tract Infection. Bacteria and other organisms will likely to thrive in urine that had been held for sometime, especially if it is sugary. UTI, if untreated will likely to affect your kidneys. Also, think about the pressure being put up to your urinary tract. It could lead to kidney stones, incontinence, and kidney failure.

Lack of mineral and vitamins

Help your kidneys to be healthy with a diet that includes vegetables and fruits. It is not enough to concentrate with only one part of the body. Your body is a system of connected organs, one affects the others. If your blood pressure is always high, then  the high pressure will likely to make your kidney succumb too.

Red meat

Animal proteins coming from red meat and other parts put a lot of work load on the kidneys. Frequent extreme work load might lead to kidney damage.


No matter what they say about red wine being good for health, too much alcohol is still not good in your system. It is one of the substance that give a lot of work for the kidneys. Frequent consumption of large amount of alcohol will torture your kidneys.

Ever imagine life without kidneys? You will not be able to excrete toxins, blood pressure will be hard to control, you will end up having frequent blood transfusion for RBC, you will be bloated with water as it will be retained inside your body. It is not to scare you, this is to make you see the importance of healthy kidneys. Kidney failure is one of the most common cause of death when it comes to illness. Besides, who would volunteer to give up kidneys just to be hooked in a dialysis machine. Keep your kidneys healthy, you won’t regret it.