There are two ways to renew your PRC ID before in expires on your birthday.

PRC ID proves that you have the privilege to practice your chosen profession. It is also one of the major identification cards used in many legal transactions and this proves you have passed the dreaded board exam and claim your profession. In three years, PRC ID’s must be renewed by professionals.

How to Renew Your PRC License in PRC main Office and SM Malls Detailed Procedure

The first way is like what my friend did and many does traditionally, through the PRC office.

Going to PRC Central.

The nearest LRT station from our place is the Monumento Station. We rode the train then went down to Doroteo Jose Station. If you are coming from our area, do not cross the street, instead walk along the D.Jose Road until you reach the junction of D.Jose and Recto.

From there, ride the jeepney with the signboard which reads ‘Morayta’. You can ride any jeepney with any other signboard just make sure it passes Morayta. Pay P7.50 or the current minimum fare ( Some jeepney drivers asks for P8.00). Alight right at the corner of Nicanor Reyes St. and Paredes St. This is right beside ACLC Morayta Campus. The building will be hard to miss.

Along Paredes Street, we immediately saw the PRC building. You might first pass by the exit door which made us confuse at first.

PRC Renewal Process

We arrived at around 11:05 am and expected to get in a long line. The guard asked us our intent and we told him we would like to renew a PRC ID. He directed us to the Public Assistance Counter where my friend got his renewal application slip.

How to Renew Your PRC License in PRC main Office and SM Malls Detailed Procedure

A colored passport size picture in white background and with complete nametag must be pasted on the left side of the slip. If you haven’t got time to have a photo before going there, do not worry. There is a shop inside that will print your photo in just a few minutes for P85.00.

PRC Main building

We forgot to bring some glue or paste, which made my friend a little uneasy (but behold) upon entering the PRC Main building, we saw a bottle of glue free for use of anybody. Even though we were lucky, we suggest that you should not risk going there without a pen and glue.

After filling up the form and pasting the photo, we went to the Window 15 of Registration Division in the ground floor of the PRC Main Building. You can’t miss the entrance of the main building as it is right beside the long line in the cashier. My friend was able to pass his slip in Window 15 at 11:30.

How to Renew Your PRC License in PRC main Office and SM Malls Detailed Procedure

We had to wait for his name to be called at Window 17. It took us approximately one hour and 15 minutes at this step, just sitting and watching TV in the waiting area. The place was packed with people and many grew impatient while others were busy chatting with each other.

how to renew prc licenses on sm small

By 12:45, we were able to get the form from Window 17 and we were directed to go to the cashier. As indicated at the lower right corner of the paper, the new PRC ID will be claimed on March 3, 2015, around 30 days after the registration for renewal. Lining up and paying in the cashier only took less than 15 minutes. We were left with a claim stub and receipt to be presented upon claiming the ID.

how to renew prc licenses on sm small

If another professional will claim or renew your PIC (professional identification cards) he or she must present an authorization letter and his or her own PIC. If the person to claim your PIC is not a registered professional a Special Power of Attorney must be presented together with his or her valid ID and your other Valid ID.

We started the process at 11:05am and were able to get out of building and finish up by 1pm. In less than two hours, despite the number of people it seemed to be quite a breeze compared to the first time we registered.