Civil Service Examination is administered a couple of times each year and hundreds have to take it in hopes to serve in government facilities and offices. While many aspires to pass the examinations and do extensive reviews, not all can pass. On the other hand, there are very simple ways to pass the test which some might have overlooked. 

How to Pass the Civil Service Examination Tips from Reviewers and Passers
1. Refreshing your high school memories
While Civil Service Examination is thought by many to be hard, most of the questions are likely to be of high school level. You must go back to your old notes and books to refresh the lessons taught to you by your high school teachers. You can borrow some books from your younger siblings or children who are now in high school. If you have time but limited budget you can go to book sales usually found in malls. You will likely to find good reads at a very low price. Read about decimal, fractions, percents and the other basic parts of math to start with. Also, though dreaded by many, you must review the basic grammar rules, parts of speech and their correct usage.
2. Do not memorize words.
Yes, do not just memorize, understand the words you are memorizing. A friend of mine who had majored in English said that some words were picked as if a finger had randomly landed of a dictionary’s random page.
There will be some words that are bound to make you wonder if such a word exists, it will not hurt to read the dictionary everyday to build up your vocabulary skills but you will possibly forget them in a few days if not hours. There are ways to encrypt the words in your mind, understand them, know how to use them in context and use it as much as you can such as in writing and in conversation. There is no need to memorize the dictionary, instead read novels, magazines and newspapers. You might also like to add a couple of classical reads while you are at it.
3. Hone your mathematics skills.
When taking the test, many opt to memorize some shortcut equations. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you understand the logic behind it. Without understanding the basics and with a lot of pressure, test takers tend to forget everything and this will leave them into blank mind and worst panic. The best approach with the math part of the test is to understand how to do a certain equation, and the reason behind every step. As long as you understand the logic behind the math equation, you will know how to solve the question by heart.
4. Practice, practice, practice
Take time to practice your test taking skills. Test taking does not only depend on the knowledge you have, but also your skills on using enough time given to answer the questions. Do not put too much time on a question you knew you have no idea what the answer is. Choose an answer then go directly to the next one. Practice answering mathematical problems under time pressure. Discipline yourself by taking mock tests and be strict with timing yourself.
5. Know the reason why
Test takers usually buy Civil Service Examination reviewers and memorize the answers. It is fine to do this but it will yield better result if you understand why such was the answer. If you understand the rationale, it will be easier to remember no matter how the question was presented.
6. Do not review a day before the test
Many test takers will still try to cram and read more before the test. Your mind will be under more pressure a day before the exam, any review you will do during that day will tend to be useless. Start your review at least a month or more before the test. Give yourself enough time to read, read and read.
7. Be confident
Be confident with the preparations that you had done. Though other test takers finished earlier than you, do not panic. There is nothing wrong with finishing last. Maximize the given time and be confident with the first answer that comes to mind before over analyzing a simple question.

Many are not fond of taking tests. Keep in mind that you are taking the test for your career and it is a milestone that must be conquered. Keep your eyes on the prize. Remind yourself why you are taking such a grievous task and never forget to reward yourself after doing your best in taking the test.

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