The worst storm to hit California in years, arrived last December 11. It is said to be contending the most drought conditions in California’s history. For months, the state had been experiencing parched land, water shortages and wildfires.

The storm, dubbed as “Pineapple Express”, brought widespread flooding of roadways, downed trees, power outages and cancellation of school, leaving two casualties. Described as a ‘big storm’, it carried water from the Pacific tropics and unload it on the US West Coast. Some parts of the Bay Area received more than 9.3 inches of rain while winds in the mountain city of Lake Tahoe reached a whopping 140 miles per hour. 

Worst and Destructive Storm Hits California dubbed as 'Pineapple Express' Storm
This caused the evacuation of thousands of people in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendora due to fear of mudslides. The foothills were exposed to wildfires this year making the soil vulnerable to slides. Flash-flooding in Los Angeles County was also expected.

People from all over California posted videos and pictures online depicting the chaos brought about by the said storm. 

One video shows flood water flowing down to the San Francisco’s San Bruno BART station. Interstate 280 in Burlingame was also flooded. Some 200 miles from San Francisco floodwaters also stretched throughout the city of Anderson. 
Major interstates in Southern California were also closed due to heavy flood waters causing some motorists and travelers to be stranded.

According to the National Weather Services, California is yet to experience about eight more storms of this intensity before a dent is made in its ongoing drought, California had been experiencing for three years. 

The storm will continue hitting Southern California and would work its way into the desert of Las Vegas. Southern Nevada Mountains would experience some snow and rain while Arizona will see precipitation before the weather disturbance drifts into the Rockies.