Campaign awareness or plain animal abuse? Netizens’ opinions are divided with regard to the stunt pulled by Naturalist Paul Rosolie as part of Eaten Alive documentary for Discovery Channel.

Wearing a special protective suit, Rosolie charged to the anacondas’ pit with intentions to be swallowed by it. To further entice the big snake, he even covered himself in pig’s blood.

However, the female anaconda ignored him thus prompting him to act like a predator to provoke the snake. He described the said experience in a recent interview as ‘absolutely terrifying’.

Discovery Channel Eaten Alive by Anaconda Gone Wrong Viewers Were Shock

Rosolie, a naturalist who has worked in the Amazon for nearly ten years, stated that the documentary aimed to raise awareness about these endangered species. Nonetheless, some animal welfare rights group expressed their concern citing that the said show was plain animal cruelty, causing a stressful situation for an innocent anaconda.

The said documentary aired on December 8 in the USA, and a lot expressed disappointment towards the show. The show had been widely publicized and promoted, even Rosolie refusing to give the outcome of the experiment.

However, during the documentary, it was shown that the anaconda had only gotten Rosolie’s head before he raised the white flag to be pulled out by the staff. This caused outrage to expectant viewers since the title was not entirely reflective of what happened on the show.

The Making Snake Suit Breakdown

The naturalist and dare devil claimed that his arm was in a very bad position and blood could have drained out if he did not call it off. However, he stated that he is ready for a bigger challenge, possibly finding a real giant anaconda.

The Interview after the stunts

This made viewers assume that a sequel of the program would take place. However, viewers are no longer that excited for the sequel since the first one had been truly disappointing.