The seventeen-hour siege in a café in Sydney ended badly as one a hostage and the hostage taker died while seven others were seriously injured.

The hostage taker was identified as Sheikh Ma HaronMonis, was an Iranian refugee who was facing charges of sexual assault and accessory to murder. 
He was also infamous for sending vicious letters to family members of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Monis took a still unidentified number of people as hostage in a café on Monday morning. A woman tipped him off as she saw him carrying a gun in a blue bag. He then displayed a flag with Arabic writings at the window, while several hostages were seen holding their hands up against the window.

The said writing was allegedly translated as “There is no god but Allah; Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.” thus prompting speculations that it was politically motivated.

After a few hours, one man ran from an emergency exit while two others from the front door. Another two women were able to escape after just an hour. The two female hostages disclosed the gunman’s claim of two bombs inside the Lindt café and two more in Sydney’s financial district. 

Just after 2 am local time, five more escaped. The armed police then stormed the building. A bomb disposal roamed the streets after the siege.

Manny Condits, Monis’ former lawyer believed that there is no big organization motivating him to do such terrorism. He was just another damaged goods individual who committed a huge mistake. He also had a very strong ideology that clouded his vision and common sense. 

Monis operated a website but it was taken down after he was identified to be the hostage taker. The last post that he made was a message accusing the US, Britain and Australia of oppression and terrorism.