A lot of Netizens are in uproar and determined to make a Facebook post viral and popular over the internet. The said post includes a series of photos and a story of policemen allegedly fired a shot and pointed a gun at a civilian in Payatas Manila.

As posted by Facebook user, the policemen in the photos had allegedly put up a checkpoint in Payatas, Quezon City. He said he was suspicious at the checkpoint since it lacked the checkpoint sign and a mobile that are usually seen in a checkpoint. Scroll Down for Video

Caught on Cam Policeman in Payatas Alledgely Shoot and Pointed a Gun in Motorist

The policemen were said to be stopping all motorists and had cause great inconvenience that prompt the uploader to take a video and photos only to be surprised at the incident that he was able to capture.

A motorist seemed to try to protest about a ticket being issued to him. The police allegedly pointed a gus at the man, shot and then pointed at the motorist once more.

Caught on Cam Policeman in Payatas Shoot and Pointed a Gun on a Motorist

The policeman said that it was a warning shot, but this action was questioned by many netizens and many shared their opinion that it was unnecessary as the civilian was not armed and the shot could have caused an injury.

The uploader and other netizens are determined to make this post viral to reach the media and those in higher position as they believe that an action must be done against these policemen.