Maria Margarita Isidro Sandejas, more popularly known as singer-actress Agot Isidro, had been recently a victim of the scammers called Dugo-dugo gang. Agot Isidro made her way to the CIDU headquarters last December 6 to report the said incident. She apparently lost Php 50,000, USD 7,000 and an estimated amount of three million worth of varied jewelry.

Actress Agot Isidro Scammed by Dugo Dugo Gang of 3 Million Worth Money and Jewelries

From the reports filed to the Quezon City Police, Isidro’s housemaid identified as Maenelyn Omapas received a phone call from an unknown female informing her that her employer had been in a road accident with a road mishap with a wealthy Chinese introduced as Allan Chua. Another female, pretending to be Agot Isidro, talked to her and instructed her to gather the money and jewelry of the actress and deliver it to a commercial center in Balintawak, Quezon City. The money was going to be used to resolve the conflict with Chua.

Omapas then went to the said place to meet the woman who got hold of the valuables, and instructed her to go home. After heading home, she eventually realized it was all a scam when she was back home and learned that Isidro was still at work and had never been in an accident.

Before the swindling of Agot Isidro’s helper, the purportedly same gang had victimized another housewife in Quezon City identified as Jeanne Menor. The later had lost an estimated four million in jewelry and Php 50, 000 cash. The incident had the same plot as Isidro’s case, also deceiving Menor’s helper to gather the valuables and deliver it to a certain place with the knowledge that her employer had been on an accident

Dugo-dugo gang had been in operation for many years now, enacting the same scam to wealthy people. However, the people involved in this scam had still not been apprehended.