Yet another video had grown viral in the web recently and no, it is not one that you could easily encounter about every day.

This video shows a woman giving a so-called “Free testicle exams” for the Movember cancer charity on Los Angeles Streets. Now that’s public healthcare!

Youtube prankster group Simple Pickup has offered this very strange examination with the woman starring in the video named as Marissa. For every man that agrees to let Marissa check their nether regions, the group shall raise $100 or £64 as donation for the Movember campaign.

VIDEO: Pretty Girl Marissa Doing 'FREE Testicle Exam' on Public for Charity

The video has been viewed for more than 3.5 million times and for every 100,000 times the video is viewed over 30 days, the group shall donate yet another £64.

The awkwardness and, probably, the humiliation won’t be for nothing though for the whole test was done for a good cause.

VIDEO: Pretty Girl Marissa Doing 'FREE Testicle Exam' on Public for Charity

The star of the video, the attractive woman revealed before as Marissa, goes around in a novelty nurse’s uniform, armed with a supply of rubber gloves. This lovely woman would approach men on the streets, offering to perform touch tests on these men’s genitals.

After sheepish responses from many of the passers-by, it was seen that one man was finally up for the test in order to receive the free, if not qualified, testicle check-up.

VIDEO: Pretty Girl Marissa Doing 'FREE Testicle Exam' on Public for Charity

Marissa, then, goes for a fresh rubber glove and performs a check that she states that every man should do for their selves to know if something’s amiss with their testicles.

Funny reactions could be observed from these men.

It is not surprising that a lot of sceptical blokes and reactions could be drawn from the audiences considering that the group chose to patrol and do the tests in the Los Angeles street with a sign simply labelled with something as attention-grabbing as “Free Testicle Exams.”

Many of the onlookers gave the event their curious looks and immediately took out their camera phones to capture the moment.

It is also mentioned that another motive of the video is to show men how easy it is to self examine. So far, the whole test raised £2,600 and is still counting. Youtube/Simple Pickup