The heat is on for the Blind Auditions of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 wherein participants are fighting for something out of their lives. This is another episode of the most popular reality singing contest in Philippine television nowadays.

Being a minister who happened to experience having vices, it was not the end for the 21-year-old Jireh Singson. He grew up in a Christian home wherein his father was a pastor. This artist was able to join Team Sarah after performing the Sugarfree hit “Makita Kang Muli.”

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 November 29 - 30, 2014 Episode

Abbey Pineda’s performance was convincing enough for Coach Apl who happened to be the only coach who turned his chair for her. This artist sang Michael Jackson hit “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”

She was a professional and an owner of a printing company but she decided to join The Voice because she wanted to show to the world his struggles. She performed the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” that made her land to Coach Bamboo.

Other artists who made it to the Blind Auditions are Karl, a virtual assistant who went to Coach Lea, Rosalyn Navarro, a dreamer, Daryl Ong, the animator, and Rizza Cabrera, the one with a stage fright. Karl sang the song “All of Me,” Rosalyn performed “Get Here,” Daryl with “Paano,” and Rizza with her version of “Clarity.” As to the coaches, Rosalyn landed to Coach Sarah, Daryl to Coach, and Rizza to Coach Sarah completing the team.

There was also a performed from Bacolod City which was a duo named Nena Joy Zamora and Shekinah Anzano. Both of them are members of the choir of a certain school in the city. There were also artists who were shown who did not make it to the Blind Auditions.

Team Sarah was the first team who completed the list of 13 artists. Tomorrow will be the last part of the Blind Auditions of The Voice PH but we still have to see if it will be extended on the next Saturday or not. Keep watching The Voice PH Season 2 and be updated.