The next artist who made it to the Blind Audition of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 was Miro Valera, 35 years old from Quezon City.

Miro admitted that he was so close with her mother and he was the only male among her siblings. He has three female sisters and his father died in 2003. Because of what happened, each of them had their own way of coping with the situation.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Miro Valera sings 'Ticket to Ride' Video Replay

Miro admitted that he was a certified mama’s boy despite though he was a rocker. Miro started singing since he was a kid, in fact, he usually sang during family reunions and he became professional when he joined the band “Stone Free.”

He said that he was overwhelmed with the fact that there were so many people who admired the music of his band. Recently, they have decided to part ways. He was motivated to do his best to make her no. 1 fan, his mother, happy.

Miro performed The Beatles hit “Ticket to Ride” in acoustic version. While singing, his mother was cheering on the backstage. Coach Lea first turned her chair and the next one was Coach Bamboo. After his performance, he was asked to sing something from Stonefree and he made an acoustic version of “Anghel sa Lupa.”

In this episode of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2, Miro’s making his decision was the hardest. The fact is Coach Lea and Bamboo really did their best in order to have him on their teams. When Miro chose coach Lea, she cried while approaching her.