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Watch Full Video Trailer of 'Bagito' Finally Released

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most heated and commonly seen issues in the society and it seems that this issue will be the one to steal the spotlight in the first full trailer of an upcoming television series entitled “Bagito.”

Teen stars Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad and Ella Cruz, wop-billed teen stars will take part in this program.

The Official video trailer of Bagito, with the time duration of two-minutes, starts off innocently enough and was released online on Wednesday.

Watch Full Video Trailer of 'Bagito' Finally Released

It revolves around several of the problems being faced by a 14-year old boy such as facing puberty, curfews, and of course, nursing a crush on a pretty girl.

Suddenly, a heavy head-turning twist catches viewers of the clip off guard. It was the scene where Vanessa, played by Ella Cruz, is seen looking in horror at a positive result in the pregnancy test she had taken after spending a night with Andrew, the character being portrayed by Nash Aguas.

The voice-over then warns: “Tapos na ang paglalaro dahil hindi ka na bata.”

Bagito is directed by Onat Diaz and it will be the first TV series having Aguas and Ilacad as the leading roles. Both used to be former members of the cast of the children’s gag parody show, “Goin’ Bulilit”. Fans even dubbed this adorable love team as “NLex”.

The television series is based on a Wattpad novel by Noreen Capili, or more commonly known as the “Love Guru”, Noringai. She is also the one who brought us the equally popular “My App Boyfie” which starred James Reid and Nadine Lustre and it has also been adapted under the “Wansapanatym” miniseries about a girl’s ideal boyfriend, coming into life through the use of a mysterious app.

The premiere date for the upcoming show, “Bagito”, has yet to be revealed to its potential viewers.

However, Dreamscape Television Entertainment has posted several pictures of Aguas and Ilacad together in their Instagram accounts to please and excite its fans and as well as to give them a glimpse of the show. Reference: abs