First seen by the world after being crowned as Miss Tiffany 2004, Thailand’s considered most beautiful transgender woman, Poyd Treechada captivated the nation at the time with her unnatural beauty.

Never yet had a woman appeared at par with her fairness and even as 10 years came and went, she still remains as one of the most looked up figures in the entertainment industry.

Before becoming the woman she is right now, Poyd was a little boy growing in Phuket, who knew at the age of 4 that he was born on the wrong body. He wore a friend’s skirt and was beaten by her mother due to that act.

Most Beautiful Transgender Woman in Thailand

Then, he was forced to play football and was given toys for boys but at 18, Poyd decided to undergo a sex-change operation.

After that, he travelled to Pattaya to compete for Miss Tiffany 2004 and won! She also represented Thailand at the Miss International Contest in the same year and also won the crown.

Poyd Treechada

People frenzied her as one of the most feminine and beautiful transgender humanity has yet to behold.

Poyd Treechada

What does transgender mean, exactly?

Miss Tiffany 2004, Thailand

A transgender is a person whose gender identity, as in man or woman, does not match their biological sex, as in male or female.

However transgender or TG is the term used for individuals who feels more comfortable as the other gender, living part or full-time as the other gender. On the other hand, to avoid confusion, Transsexual individuals are those who seek to permanently change their body to match her or his personal gender preference through what is called gender reassignment surgery (GRS).

Other terms also apply to the other types of transgender. “Transvestite” refer to those who wear clothing that of the opposite gender of their birth sex for emotional and sexual purposes. “Two-spirited” are the ones having both male and female spirits as seen in Native American Culture.

There is also such a case called Intersexed or “Hermaphrodite”, which is a rare medical condition in which babies are born with both male and female sexual organs.

One cannot simply stop being a Transgendered. People cannot change their gender identity since it is believed to be related to neuroanatomy, hormones and/or genetics.

However, transgendered individuals like Poyd are not yet fully accepted in the Philippine society. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt that the transgender community in the country is slowly peeving its way towards gender equality, empowerment and justice.

Most Beautiful Transgender Woman in Thailand

Luckily for them, the Association of Transgender Philippines envisions a healthy and empowered transgender community where transgender citizens can live their lives to the fullest in a colourful and meaningful way as guided by rights and justice.

The Association aims to actively participate in the national and international activities that promote the welfare of transgender men and women as well as to be the leading source of information and development, and to be able to support and strengthen the transgender communities. Credits: bangkok coconuts