One of the strangest news one will ever hear of indeed is this case of a Brazilian man and a South American lungfish.

A case in Londrina, Brazil caught the attention of many as a certain lungfish had reportedly made its way up into a Brazilian man’s anus, making the victim’s bowel as its temporary abode.

The big fish refused to emerge out of the man’s behind that made the dilemma all the more worse. It was decided that professional help must be sought.

Lungfish Being Removed Inside Stomach Shown in Hospital Video Goes Viral

Unfortunately for the victim, this incident has been exposed online through the internet. Worse, the surgery to remove the lungfish went into motion with the sound of giggles from a bunch of nurses.

Lungfish Being Removed Inside Stomach Shown in Hospital Video Goes Viral

How the lungfish has made its way up deep into the poor man’s anus is still unknown since the species usually tend to live in swamps and slow-moving waters. However, it is surprisingly evident that the fish managed to find a suitable, comfortable and conductive place that met up to its living conditions as the fish remained alive even after it had already been surgically removed.

The victim is said to have approached the Hospital Universitario (University Hospital) in Londrina, Brazil upon realizing that the fish had to be surgically removed by experts on the matter even if he liked it or not. He didn’t really have that much of a choice, according to a Live Leak report.

Many of the netizens felt bad for the man’s predicament. It seems that the professional team who dealt with the task of removing the lungfish from the man’s anus weren’t that professional enough to refrain and hold back their laughter of the man’s predicament.

According to reports, the man never agreed or even gave his consent to have the video taken while the operation was ongoing. In the video, it could be heard that the nurses were laughing.

Reports added that the fish was euthanized after being pulled out as gasps were heard towards the end upon the realization that the creature was still alive. Many of the onlookers who had also been filming the procedure with their phones were captured in the scenes.

You can watch it here but viewer discretion is advised.

The video extremely graphic has become viral since its appearance in LiveLeak though it was initially posted to Best Gore. Reference: kickerdaily