It is not unusual for Filipinos nowadays to wish to go to the US, may it be for vacation purposes or for larger career opportunities, wishing to provide a better way of living for their families through the higher wage and salaries offered in the country.

So are you one of these Filipinos who are interested to travel to the US here are the tips on how to get your US visa. One of the very basic steps is to apply and get a Visa first.

Get Your US Visa Now, Faster Application Tips for Filipinos

According to a GMA News TV, the following are steps or tips that could make getting that needed visa easier from Dustin Bradshaw, the foreign service officer of the US Embassy in Manila.

*First of all, be honest. Nothing beats authenticity. This is best to avoid conflicts and problems that may occur in the future.

*An individual must have a good purpose for visiting the US. Visas are not usually issued for use for unimportant matters.

*One must also have a strong reason to return home to the Philippines.

*It is also advised that people applying for visa should not join visa seminars.

*An applicant may prove to be guided and well-oriented with the application process or the latest update if they visit the US Embassy’s official website.

*The bringing of bank documents and land titles are not really necessary. Applicants are advised that they don’t have to bring them at all.

*Of course, the embassy does no discrimination in choosing applicants. Everyone has their equal rights when it comes to the application.

*It is said that there are no quota per day for the number of applicants allowed to apply.

*For those who have been to other countries, this may be good news for you since it’s easier to be approved for a US visa if you have gone to other countries prior the application.

*There is no particular dress code that should be worn upon application but people are encouraged to wear decent attire.

*Lastly, an applicant must be at the embassy 15 minutes before the scheduled interview. Punctuality is always a pleasing virtue.

So if you could take all of these in mind, then there are high chances for you to get that Visa! Good luck! Reference: gmanews tv/imready/iknow/pictures