Almost everything nowadays has been made easy through technology. One of such things is the voter registration. According to a report by Balitanghali’s Tina Panganiban-Perez, it is brought to us in an easier manner by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) through their project to move the election process online.

Voters can now fill out and submit their registration forms online using the system called ‘I-rehistro’.

Luie Guia, a Commissioner, said in a statement that the online service is a part of the Comelec’s goals in order to make the registration and validation process easier and more convenient not only for the voters but for the Comelec as well.

How To Register 'Voters Online Registration' Implemented by Comelec

Guia also added that there is no reason to worry at all about the security of the information that will be gathered through the online form. So far, the Comelec has seen no problem with the system since its implementation.

I-rehistro, at the moment, is available only in the National Capital region (NCR). However, plans to eventually implement the project nationwide are well on its way. Good news for overseas absentee voters in Madrid, Spain for the system will be available in the area.

When the online registration had been completed, the voters will still need to head to the Office of the Comelec assigned for their respective areas. There, the biometric data will be gathered.

Guia said that the voters that do not have biometric data will not be given the ability to vote even if they have already registered.

According to the Comelec, the number of registered voters without biometric information went down from 9 million individuals to 6 million since the online registration project was opened and implement. That itself is already big enough to affect and make drastic changes in the results during elections.

Voters are also reminded that they have only until October 31, 2015 to register. That is also the set date for the biometric data deadline for previously registered individuals.

You can go to this link to register online:

An advice to the public was given by the Comelec. One must not wait for the deadline before one decides to register. Reference: gma