Former traffic enforcer in Bulacan did not expect to stoop down low due to life’s challenges to the point of resolving to thievery.

These circumstances brought upon him would soon lead him to snatch a bag which contained a cellular phone. Unfortunately for him, this phone was set to have its global positioning system or GPS technology turned on.

The suspect, soon identified as Marlon Duran, was caught last Friday. The 37-year old man was caught by the police after the revelation of his whereabouts through the use of the turned on GPS in the cellular phone of one of his victims.

Turned on smartphone GPS helps police trace Snatcher

On the night of October 4, Duran supposedly snatched an 18-year old woman’s bag along the McArthur highway in Malolos, Bulacan.

The victim’s bag is said to have contained a smartphone whose GPS technology had been set on. Because of that, the location of the stolen things, as well as the perpetrator’s hiding place, has been pointed out by the police upon doing their investigation.

Other items except for the victim’s phone, the police also recovered other cellular phones, a number of IDs and some sim cards from the suspect’s home.

The suspect was discovered to be a former traffic enforcer in Malolos City and Duran was said to have been stripped off his job the previous year before the snatching incident had occurred.

Five more of Duran’s victims, then, turned in to the police station. Among these people was a woman who is willing and ready to file a complaint on robbery-snatching against Duran.

It’s not just about the stolen items that were taken away from you, as mentioned by the woman, but the whole experience could really bring trauma to the victim.

“Kasi ngayon, ‘pag may biglang lalapit sa akin, bigla na akong lalayo,” she added, relating the trauma the snatching had given her to how she now reacts to those surrounding her.

(Now, if someone I do not know comes close to me, I would suddenly move away by instinct).Reference: gmanetwork