Three breasted? Such a physical anomaly isn’t supposed to exist. Even if it does, people are likely to scorn the individual in question but then 21-year old Jasmine Tridevil, not her real name, claims to have paid an amount of $20, 000 to surgically add a third breast.

Tridevil mentions that she did this in desperate measures in hopes of becoming a reality TV star. She insists that she had been rejected by over 50 doctors who feared violating the code of ethics before she found the willing surgeon who would perform the procedure as she wished.

SHOCKING: Woman of 21 Surgically Adds Third Breast

The massage therapist even hired a camera crew, paid to follow her around Tampa, Florida to document her struggles in life and problems she faces as a woman with three breasts.

While the procedure proves to be possible, surgeons are barred from carrying out any operations that could have harmful effects to human dignity.

The principal objective of the medical profession is to render services to humanity with full respect for human dignity. That is the outlined ethical code dictated by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Cosmetic surgeons are said to be under strict guidelines to solely ‘enhance the norm’ of the patient’s body.

However, after searching hard, Tridevil claims to have found the perfect surgeon who agrees to carry out the peculiar operation on strict terms not to disclose information any about their name or identity. It also took her two years to find willing surgeon who would also add a nipple.

Tridevil described her experience that the said medic who performed the surgery on her took tissue from her abdomen and used it to fashion her third breast—a procedure not unusual for it is commonly used for normal breast enhancement.

The 21-year old woman, who recently blew her 21st birthday candle, has shared and posted on her Facebook fan page dozens of pictures of her new look in custom in attempt to convince her followers that the surgery was legitimate and not fake as some claim.

Strangely, she has proudly declared that she was disowned by her own mother and sister, disgusted with what she had done with her body.

However, despite everything, Tridevil insists that she has no regrets as she prepares to send pilot episodes of her self-produced reality show to her dream station MTV, as she told Real Radio 104.1. This show is entitled “Jasmine’s Jugs.”

President-elected of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Scot Glasberg, blasted the stunt as ‘worse than unethical’ and ‘harmful to society’.

‘This violates every ethical principle not just in surgery but in medicine as well.’ Glasberg said and then told MailOnline that the operation appears to be legitimate.

Glasberg added the case will be most likely reported to the national board of plastic surgeons. If the surgeon is tracked down and found, they will have their license revoked.

Tridevil still insists her apparent surgery was not an attempt become famous even despite scheduling interviews, creating a fan page, and hiring a film crew. Pretty ironic.

‘I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,’ she claims. ‘Because I don’t want to date anymore.’  Reference: Dailymail