The popular manga series entitled Naruto is set to be completed and finished next month after its 15-year long run.

The Naruto’s plot line revolves around young Naruto Uzumaki. Before the birth of our main protagonist, a great demon fox had attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. A man known as the 4th Hokage sealed the demon inside the newly born Naruto, causing him to unknowingly grow up detested by his fellow villagers. Despite his lack of talent in many areas of ninjutsu (Japanese ninja art and techniques), Naruto strives for only one goal: to gain the title of Hokage, the strongest ninja in his village. Desiring the respect he never received, Naruto works toward his dream with fellow friends Sasuke and Sakura and mentor Kakashi as they go through many trials and battles that come with being a ninja.

‘Naruto’ Manga to Reach its End Next Month after 15 Years when Started

This is the synopsis of the manga’s story as seen on multiple online anime networking sites. Pretty interesting, is it not?

Various reports also said that the final chapter of “Naruto” shall be released on the 50th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump due on the tenth day of November.

Mixed emotions about the manga’s end had been experienced by old and new fans alike. It seems that, although the long wait is going to be over and the answers to the questions will finally be answered , what makes these fans sad is that they will miss looking forward to the next update every week just to quench their excitement about what is to happen next to the characters.

A film with the title “The Last—Naruto the Movie” will open in Japan theaters on December 6, according to Weekly Shonen Jump’s website information. An exhibition of artworks based on Naruto is also bound to take place next year.

Masashi Kishimoto has written and illustrated the animated sensation as Naruto spawned multiple anime, anime films, OVAs and game adaptations as its popularity exploded since its release back in 1999.

The anime series ballooned to its current popularity in the country after it was aired on ABS-CBN years ago.

Fourth Pagotan, former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ housemate, once worked and provided his voice for the Tagalog Dub version of the anime, taking on the role of a character in Naruto named Pain.Reference: abs-cbnnews