Parents and family members of a certain two-year old boy are asking for the public’s help and support. It seems that their son had contracted a rare anomaly in his body and immediate operation is needed.

The son’s condition is said to be unusual for a fetus is found inside his stomach. The anomaly is called as “fetus in fetu” and due to this situation, the child has difficulty in walking and breathing.

The child is from Pandan, Antique and according to his parents, the doctors discovered the fetus in their son’s stomach just July this year.

The “fetus in fetu” is a sort of abnormality in the body in which a mass of tissue is formed inside a person’s body.

This condition is considered as one of the world’s most bizarre conditions wherein a fetus becomes enveloped by its twin result from two separately fertilized eggs or from the product of a single fertilized cell in a separation that does not go smoothly. Cases of conjoined twins are examples of imperfect separation of the fertilized egg.

Fetus in fetu occur very early within a pregnancy, when instead of separating from one another, one fetus gets trapped inside the other one. The trapped fetus begins to act like a parasite on its twin and taps into its host’s blood supply in order to survive and stay alive.

If the fetus inside grows, great pain can be experienced by its carrier.

Most of the cases are immediately pointed out when the host twin is an infant though there are rare cases wherein the parasitic twin is discovered only when the host is in his 30s or 40s.

Such a notable incident happened to a man in Nagpur, India named Bhagat, 36, who looked visibly pregnant. The doctors thought he was suffering from tumor, only to find a malformed fetus with limbs, jaws, hair and a part of genitalia inside the man’s belly! References:gma health.howstuffworks abcnews