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Ellen Adarna Talks About Her Viral Scandal Video with Ex-Boyfriend

The ‘Moon of Desire’ actress directly revealed the answers herself to react to the rumor, in attempt to clear her name during a press event of Ginebra San Miguel on the sidelines. She was launched at the same press event as a calendar girl of the company for 2015.

Ellen Adarna, known sexy actress, has denied any rumors going around about her getting herself involved in a video scandal with an ex-boyfriend. She said that she would not even dare take a video or record herself doing such intimate deeds as it has never been her ‘cup of tea’.

Ellen Adarna Talks About Her Viral Scandal Video with Ex-Boyfriend

Adarna said in a statement that she does not have any sex videos. She insisted that if she ever did have some, those videos would already have come out by now. She’d be dead if that happens but so far there has been none of the issue.

“I am very careful about that,” Adarna added, stating she would not resort to that.

Adarna is dubbed as a “sex icon” for her successive string of nude pictorials and daring escapades here and there. Despite that image of her, the actress said she is not the type of woman who would agree to record her intimate moments on video.

She said she is not confident enough to pose for that kind of video.

On the other hand, another well-known sexy actress received Adarna’s thanks and gratitude. It was Christine Reyes who recently identified Adarna as the showbiz newcomer who would most likely be her successor. Reyes is also considered as a dramatic actress with a sexy image much like Adarna and has starred in several television series and films.

Adarna has admitted to have replaced Reyes’ role in the upcoming ABS-CBN series entitled “Pasion de Amor”, giving rise to rumors that the latter is allegedly with child.

It was revealed that Adarna was chosen as Reyes’ replacement upon the suggestion of Reyes herself. Reference: abs