A brave Jamaican man dive a breath taking 100 feet high cliff in Rick’s Cafe, Negril Jamaica filmed by a GoPro Camera.

This man who was considered as a holiday maker was just only named as Gareth.

The Rick’s Cafe located at Negril, Jamaica is considered as a daredevil cliff and somewhat jaw-dropping according to tourist who have been there. The seabed is punctured by rocks making it a perfect diving area. Divers often take shanty wooden boards and used this for diving some 100 feet into the narrow pools of sea water.

Astonishing Experience Brave Jamaican Man Dives a 100 ft cliff in Rick's Cafe Tourist Spot

It is said that donations from local are taken for challenge attempting the death risk of diving through the GoPro camera. This GoPro camera shots video from a level to the next level depending from one local takes.

This GoPro camera shots video from a level to the next level depending from one local takes.

Swimming pools, boats out to sea, soaking from the sun’s heat, cliffs and trees are also viewed at the tranquil resort as one takes up the challenge.

Moreover, one can spend minutes viewing the surrounding as the diver poles from the self-made wooden diving board. Tourists can dive up to 35 feet or more but experts can dive from 100 feet high.

According to the reports, while other tourists are concentrating to varying relaxing activities, the Jamaican diver was up there being ready for the diving challenge.

The rate of travel is recorded as the diver slowly reaches down and captures sea bed rocks as the Jamaican diver sustains to touch the sea bed. Also, the diver shouted ‘GoPro no problem Jamaica’ as he was able to transport it to the outer surface.

Gareth revealed that he encountered the challenge as he and his wife Keeley gone for a honeymoon and then visited Rick’s Cafe. According to him, he was just a guy with a GoPro who flubbed other divers to jump off in a dangerous platform. And then he had uploaded it on YouTube.